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Team NSF is proud to partner with ALS ONE. Proceeds from all fundraising efforts and donations will go to ALS ONE to support critical ALS research and care.


ALS ONE was founded by Kevin Gosnell, who was diagnosed with ALS in May 2015. Shortly after his diagnosis, Kevin, a successful small business CEO and mentor, set out to create one team with one goal: To identify a breakthrough treatment and ultimate cure for ALS while improving the care now for those battling it. 


Focused on research and care, ALS ONE is a partnership of world-leading ALS researchers, doctors and care practitioners focused on finding treatments for ALS and novel approaches to improve care for those battling the disease. The unprecedented linking of minds and resources from leading institutions is unique for it's leadership in efficiency, dedication to innovative research, and commitment to increasing access to care and treatment. 


ALS ONE is a 501c3 non-profit organization [EIN#47-4984263]. Your donation is fully tax deductible by law. 

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